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Chelsea Johnston

Behavior Technician

Chelsea has graduated with her BA in psychology at University of Washington in Tacoma. Since, she has accumulated three years of hands on experience while teaching  children with a variety of abilities and backgrounds. Chelsea first worked as a pre-kindergarten teacher in Olympia, Washington and then as a K2 teacher at an international school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While working in the school system Chelsea was an active member on several committees containing school psychologists and administrators that shared the goal of creating action plans for student health and safety. 

She is an aspiring school psychologist and hopes to soon enter a graduate program to obtain an Education Specialist Degree. Chelsea loves working with children and helping them to be their best selves. She  is very excited to be exercising her passion by working as a Behavioral Technician. 

Chelsea was raised in the PNW and enjoys hiking, singing and playing board/card games. She loves animals; especially her dog Navi and cat Oliver.  


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